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Day 7

Day 7I took a very early morning walk today to the grocery store. On my way there I met an ambitious squirrel who was trying very hard to consume a piece of pizza that nearly matched him in size. It was the perfect subject, so I took a few shots of the happy creature. This one turned out the best. I’m still having problems with focus. This isn’t as clean as I’d like it to be. But I think I captured the memory behind the encounter.

With this guy to inspire me, and the sun finally breaking out and shining in my guinea pig’s cage, I took the time to play with shutter speed. Again, the white balance was set improperly and I didn’t realize it until later, but I actually like the warmth it gives Fred’s coat. These three are the best, taken from two different angles but mostly capturing his “I’m content and only interested in you if you have food” posture. The sun was hitting his white spot quite nicely. But sadly it wasn’t until I got the images to my computer that I realized just how much of his cute little face was shadowed. Relying on the viewfinder and lcd screen just isn’t enough. Oh well, they are still some of the best pictures I’ve taken of any of my pigs.
Day 7Day 7Day 7


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