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February 14th

Today is February 14, the day people either love or hate or try desperately to ignore. There is no happy medium in the game. My own feelings towards this holiday were long-held abhorrence, which devolved into feigned apathy, and which now stand somewhere between amusement and mild irritation at the commercialized version of love pushed towards a consumer. The card, chocolate and diamond industries claim the holiday is about loving one person in a romantic manner, leaving no option for the possibility of celebrating love of friends, yourself, and the world in general.

I fully admit that I have no personal experience when it comes to romance or sexual love, so no doubt my view is tempered by this fact. That does not leave me out in the cold this day or any other time of the year, because time and experience has allowed me to realize that there are so many different types of love, and that Valentine’s Day should be about the variety of ways we show affection, respect, and love to others – romantically bound or not.

Last year I celebrated my friends because they are worth loving. This year I intend to do the same.

Happy Valentines to each of you. Someone loves you because you are you, and you bring joy and brightness to their world. Love is complicated, and Valentine’s day can celebrate that complexity.

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Boston Life Lessons: Traffic Edition

There are a few things I’ve learned since moving here nearly two months ago. I feel like they are useful lessons, worth passing along to others.

  1. Repeatedly honking your horn for long periods of time inevitably make traffic move faster.
  2. Traffic laws are more guidelines than actual rules to be followed. Therefore, if these guidelines are preventing you from acting in a sane manner, feel free to cross the double yellow line into oncoming traffic, past a bus, and drive the wrong way down a one-way street. Others will stare and admire your initiative.
  3. There is an as-yet undefined correlation between rock, paper, scissors and the exciting relationship of car, biker, walker.
  4. The only people who understand how Boston roundabouts work, are Bostoners. Outsiders need not try to understand the logic, unless they are willing to employ lesson number two.
  5. Most importantly, driving in Boston means you will get lost on occasion because the street you need to be on is one way and goes the wrong way. Don’t panic! Simply do the responsible thing, and keep driving and swearing at the people honking behind you. Next time, remember to leave your map at home, because surely you can only get lost once.

For those of us who had to take drivers-ed and tests to get our licenses, I’m sorry. Your vast understanding of how to drive a car is useless in Boston. So good luck!

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