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Begun, October Has

Be honest. Is there anything better than rocking out to the intro to Smoke On the Water? I thought not. Unless you’re rocking out to Star Wars. There are musical priorities after all.

So my past few days have been pleasantly busy with a few moments of hilarity here and there. Tuesday I battled one of our invading pantry moths. Although I won the war, I think it won the battle. I managed to jam my finger against the floor, and it is only today that the swelling looks to be mostly gone. Wednesday I attempted the fried rice recipe – despite the total lack of measurements.

I’m a logical person, who thrives on directions, especially when cooking. The whole idea of “just throw some of this and some of that in” seems like a catastrophe waiting to happen. Cooking is a science after all! Science requires precision! Except when it doesn’t. I looked at the process as an experiment, and dove in. First, I had to have one of my roommates teach me how to make rice. This may seem like a basic, self-explanatory process of a 2:1 ratio of water:rice. But I’d never cooked real rice, and had no idea how much to cook in order to make fried rice for myself for a few days and my housemates. 1.5 cups was “thrown in” and away I went. I cooked some scrambled eggs, the first time I’d attempted this process successfully! After which, I fried some onions, mixed in some peas and chinese sausage and then carefully poured in the cooked rice to fry it all together. Slight problem: my pan was not nearly large enough to actually fry the whole batch. So I spent 15 minutes carefully turning it over and over to hopefully get it fried “like in stir fry.” Full disclosure: I’ve never made stir fry. I only remember watching my father make it when I was a child. Eventually it smelled done-ish? and so I poured in the final ingredients: soy sauce and scallions for some more frying. At least by this time, it was starting to smell as I remembered, so I figured I was on the right track. I carefully kept stirring, hoping that the constant movement wasn’t creating some unmanageable chain reaction that would turn my rice into a ball of nothingness or create the food-bomb in my own kitchen. When I realized that the rice was starting to burn, I figured that was a good enough reason to pull it off the stove. It tasted largely like it was supposed to, and now I have another recipe to add to my repertoire!

The first big round of assignments is due next week, so I have writing to do summarizing the several interviews I’ve conducted in the past two weeks. I’ve discovered the joys of conducting a reference interview. I find I enjoy the task of helping others clarify their own research and the distinct challenges posed by each project. Besides the act of searching databases for papers and books, I have to learn something about the topic I’m looking for. It’s now part of the possible jobs I’m contemplating. My tech class is moving into the practical application of technology. One of our projects is learning a new skill, I’ve chosen JavaScript. Which reminds me, I need to spend some serious time this week working on that. Our final project is to create a professional/personal website. It has been some time since I’ve done any web developing, but I’m enjoying re-learning HTML and CSS, even if designing is still challenging. Finally there’s history. We’re no longer focused on theory, but practice. Our professor is pulling examples from a large number of sources and types of history, but so far I’ve not found anything I love as much as Classics. Which is why my source hunt (chasing a footnote to its original source) is going to be Classics-related. More as that develops.

I didn’t go dancing this past week, something I intend to remedy next week. However, I am beginning the process of volunteering for Girl Scouts again. There is a small group of Simmons students who want to help troops grow at one of the local schools, and I’ve volunteered to start a Brownie troop. It’s been ages since I’ve been actively involved in GS, but surely all the old skills will come back quickly! I’m trying not to get my hopes up, since I still have to hear from our headquarters’s liaison whether or not there is enough interest to start a troop, but I’m already planning activities and events and ways to start dissecting negative behavior that is apparent in that school. GS was such a huge part of my growing up, and I’m so excited to give that kind of experience to others who need the opportunities that GS provides.

In short, it’s October, and life is getting busy-busy!

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