Day 8

I only took two pictures today. So rather than select a best, I took one of them and played with the color levels in Gimp. I’m not overly interested in manipulating images in photoshop – yet. But it’s fun to see what the technology can do.

Day 8This first image is the “original.”  It’s a tif copy of the raw file. The sunlight was just peeking through the clouds, making the blues intense and the golds vibrant. I decided to play with that effect.

The second image I focused on darkening everything except the stream of light. The third, I darkened the blues and lightened the lights. And the fourth image I tried to bring back the color in the foreground. Because I didn’t use any layers to separate changes in the levels to get some combination of the above, the last image is less striking. I still have the raw file. So perhaps some day when I’m feeling ambitious I can do that.

Day 8Day 8

Day 8



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