Day 6

We’ve had a bit of rain the past 24 hours which added a new element to consider when composing my photographs today. Namely, water droplets on the spring flowers. I spent a great deal of today playing with trying to capture water and color with varying degrees of success.

Day 6Rather than leaving the best for last, today I want to highlight the one that turned out most successfully. This one was part of a set where I was playing with manual focus. I had several photographs that looked very similar, particularly when viewing them through the little review lcd panel on the camera. But when it came to pick the best this one stood out because of what was in focus (most of the primary flower) and what was out of focus. If I’d thought of it, I should have pulled out my lens that has macro capability and tried to capture interesting reflections through the water droplets which were so stable on the flowers today.

Day 6This one was part of the same shoot, but it doesn’t have as much activity going on in the image because it is a single flower. But I find the background, an unopened flower, pleasing. Finding the right focus is difficult for me yet through the lens. I may also need to get my glasses prescription checked.

Day 6I really, really like the veining in this iris. They are highlighted because of the way the droplets cling just over the veins in the petals, bringing focus to them. The focus isn’t as clear as maybe I’d like, but that’s okay. I also I like that I captured an open flower, a flower that was dead, and one that is just starting to open up. It speaks to me of stages.

Day 6The next one I just enjoy because shoes hanging in silly places hold a special place in my heart (thanks Wood St!) This pair of chucks were new to my daily walk to work, likely a product of some undergrad moving out nearby. I tried cropping it in a little bit, but every time I was disappointed because it lost the context: These are in a tree. So I left the frame as is.

Day 6Finally this picture of Faneuil Hall is okay, but the clouds aren’t as dramatic as I remember them. I love clouds. I love their colors and their shapes and their motion. This photograph doesn’t capture any of that really. Maybe the colors, but certainly little drama of clouds after a storm. That’s okay though, I’ll try again some other rainy day.

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  1. #1 by Anne Sauer on May 26, 2014 - 7:57 am

    Erin, this is beautiful work! The last bit here about clouds made me think of a scrapbook in the Munro collection entirely composed of photographs of clouds. Have you seen it?

  2. #2 by e2d2 on May 26, 2014 - 8:29 am

    Thank you Anne! I vaguely recall seeing that scrapbook. Now I’m going to have to go back and find it to look at more closely.

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