Day 4

After spending a few days in Palm Springs I spent a day in Los Angeles with my dear friend Jasmine. Practically a native herself, she showed me around the city and took me to the Getty museum where I put my camera to good use.

A quick word, all of these images are on flickr to see them in their larger state.

Day 4First up is this image which I like because the slight frame inside the image. It doesn’t have a bottom to the internal frame though, which kind of drives me nuts. Lessons learned?

Day 4I didn’t have my macro lens with me, so trying to get a good picture of all the bees on the flowers was largely unsuccessful. But when I was reviewing the images I realized that this one captures the bee and the barest hint of a spider’s web. I had to crop it in quite a bit to provide focus to an otherwise lackluster picture, but the result was interesting. Because I’m still reliant on autofocus the focus is completely on the stem of the flower rather than the bee or the spiderweb.

Autofocus and its limitations is the game of the day.

Day 4Portraits and taking pictures of people in crowds terrifies me. It feels invasive even when I have permission. But I’d like to take better pictures in general and so Jasmine briefly allowed me to use her as one of my guinea pigs. The best shot I got though was this one before she had said yes and started posing. She may disagree, but I think it captures her real smile and personality.

Day 4I really wanted this image to work better than it did. Another problem with autofocus in that it focused on the bark instead of the images. I still really like the colors and the light shaft. It’s really a shame that the focus is weird.


The final two images from this trip I like for very different reasons and it’s hard for me to pick a best for the day. The hidden beauty of these flowers under the tree with the city in the background make this an interesting show. The one thing that bothers me is the branch that protrudes into the foreground and is so out of focus. I mostly don’t see it until all of a sudden BAM! it’s there, distracting me with its unruly greenery.

Day 4

The other is equally disorienting because of out of focus activity in the foreground, but I find it intriguing because of that. The yellow/red colors of the succulent are so striking that it’s the first thing  I notice before the out of focus-ness of them leads me towards the background and to the right where they are in focus. Then suddenly there’s the background, in focus, and such a darker color, that it leads me back to the foreground.
Day 4

Autofocus: super helpful, but it’s difficult to tell on the review screen whether it actually picked the point of focus I was trying for or something close but not exact. It makes a difference when doing these macro shots.


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