A brief monthly summary

The past month has flown by. It started with a bang in DC with friends and 7 museums in 3 days. I’ve been to DC twice before, but this was the first time I had the wherewithal to wander the city and get to know her heart. After doing so, I can say that although I love the dedication to shaping America’s history and identity that happens within the city, I’m very glad I don’t live there. When it comes to getting a job after grad-school, I will likely let my colleagues apply for those amazing opportunities within DC. Unless of course someone offers me a job in the Library of Congress.

I didn’t take many pictures as I browsed the museums and partied with friends, but here are a few that I did collect. They are mostly of the  Capital building, because I find the structural presence and statement of the Mall and surrounding buildings a great narrative of America’s perspective of herself. Walking around the area, I can understand the academic arguments for how places can create certain identities – something I’m skeptical of in my readings because the omnipresence doesn’t translate well unless you have experience of the place.

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Yes, that was a coral reef, with hanging jelly fish, crocheted out of hundreds of colors and types of yarn from the Natural History Museum.

But now classes have started, in the typical whirl that always accompanies the first week. I’m overwhelmed and intrigued and excited and ready to dive back in. On the docket this semester: Intro to Archiving (complete with a fight for one of ~60 internships), Oral History (something I’m increasingly fascinated with as it draws together multiple strands of interests), and Topics in Modern European History (aka my history of porn class.)

I hope to be better blogging about the strands of thoughts I process this semester, but so far my track record for such public musings is less than stellar. But, on the docket for next time: memory, oral history, and the possibilities of technology.

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