October News

It’s been nearly a month since the last update here. Big events have been going on in that time. Of course the excitement of classes has ratcheted up a notch. My first big round of assignments was due this past week, and I was busy perfecting, editing, researching, and trying to get things working right for them. The next round will be the end of the semester, a measly six weeks away.

Of bigger news is that I’m officially employed! It was a whirl-wind event of me falling into the situation, like I’ve done for every job I’ve had. My roommate mentioned a few openings at Simmons, and I submitted a resume. I got an email Wednesday requesting an interview, I interviewed Thursday morning, and they hired me basically on the spot. As of Monday, I will be working in the Study Abroad office at Simmons, helping put that department in shining order. There are a number of challenges facing me. Most of which I’m sure I don’t have a grip on their depth. But that’s good. I need another challenge to keep life interesting.

Of course, I don’t really need more to occupy my time, but I shall also be attempting to write a novel in November for National Novel Writing Month. It’s a 50,000 word challenge in a month. I managed to complete the requisite number of words last year, and I hope to do as well this time. Despite the demands of a new job, grad school, and whatever else falls into my lap.

I leave you with the view outside my window as the trees began their colorful display.

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