Wedding gift

The past four or five days have seen me madly putting together a wedding gift for a dear friend who got married today. Her whirlwind romance culminated in the ultimate commitment, and I honor her with the following gift: The peony and quail patterns were from a book in the family collection, but the arrangement and words are all my own creative process. Sometimes I amaze myself with my own creativity. It’s been a long time since I used the ol’ counted-Cross stitch skills, but it seems that after about 40 hours of work, they are still in good working order. I still have to decide how to frame the work, whether in a picture frame, or a circular fabric wall hanging. I shall test a few options before deciding, but the bulk of the hard work is finished and I am pleased with the result. Hope they will be too.

I may not be able to take my sewing machine and fabric collection with me to grad school *insert large sigh here*, but perhaps I will slip in a counted-cross stitch project to work on during my down times or when I need something to do with my hands while my brain is otherwise broken.

Congratulations to my dear friend Marissa and her new husband!

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