Bones to Ashes

Author and Title: Bones to Ashes by Kathy Reichs Bones to Ashes coer

Review: I picked this one up from my sister’s pile of books while helping her move. Technically she was doing all the heavy lifting, I was mostly there for moral support and the car keys. I read the first page or so waiting for more stuff to strategically tetris-into the car, and managed to plow through the rest of it later last night. I love the tv show based off the series, Bones, and figured why not go back to the inspiration.

Having not read any other books in the series, I had no problem picking up backstory or characters’ identity. It stands alone quite well. It was, as I alluded, a quick read that took me maybe three hours or so. In that time, I picked up a little french, realized that the characters, setting, plot are almost nothing like those on Bones, and learned that as interesting as the detective work for a forensic anthropologist might be the grossness of some of the aspects of the job are not for me. It was a clever little story with a fairly predictable outcome. Whether because of my mood or the actual nature of the writing, I found that the seemingly accurate descriptions of the science clashed with the short, snappy sentences that Reichs prefers. The style made it move quickly through the tale (including all the incomplete sentences), but it meant that as a reader I got even more bogged down in the science lingo. Also knowing virtually nothing about Canadian geography meant I was frequently lost by the tales of relocation and Acadia. A map would have been helpful in that case.

Would I recommend it? : Probably yes. Although I would like to read the first in the series to see how her style has evolved. The series isn’t one I would buy for myself, but as a one-time airport read, it was worth it.

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